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Lifetime Limited Residential Warranty
12 Year Limited Heavy Commercial Warranty


In Luxury Vinyl – Bigger is Better

Loose Lay




Easy To

The combination of a hefty 5mm overall construction, heavy Sol-Gel coated fiberglass inner layer and multiple calendared layers gives Creative Options tremendous strength, performance and dimensional stability, making Creative Options a great choice for virtually any application.

Ideal for use in renovation projects, property management, heavy commercial projects, raised access floors or any project where speed of installation is required in permanent or temporary locations.

The textured ultra-matte finish on Creative Options not only looks realistic, modern and stylish, but will also aid in camouflaging less than perfect subfloors.

Made from recycled materials making Creative Options an environmentally friendly choice.

Colours & Designs





W: 7″ (177mm)
L: 48″ (1219mm)
T: 0.019″ (5mm)
Polyurethane with
Anti Bacterial
Nano Silver
FloorScore© Certified
Loose Lay
Square Edge
Ultra Matte
Lifetime Limited Residential
12 Year Limited Heavy Commercial
23.33 Ft2 / CTN

Performance Testing


EN ISO 11925-2 | Pass
EN ISO 9239-1 | Pass
ASTM F925 | Pass
ASTM F510 | Wear group P
EN 434 | ≤ 0.25%
EN 433 | ≤ 0.1mm
DIN 51130 | R10
ISO 16000 | A+
EN 14372 | N.D.
CPSC-CH-C 1101 | Pass
ISO 4918 | Pass

Installation Instructions


Step 1: Sub Floor Preparation

Creative Options can be installed in new construction (Concrete, OSB, Plywood) as well as over existing flooring that has been secured to the subfloor (vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, hardwood installed above grade).

Subfloor must be flat, solid, smooth, clean, dry and free of dust. Any deficiencies such as cracks or gouges in the subfloor must be filled with a cement-patching compound before installation. Subfloor must be level to within 1/8″ every 10ft. Moisture testing is a mandatory step of subfloor preparation. For concrete subfloors the maximum allowable moisture is 80RH, using Insitu probe, and the Calcium Chloride test – 5lb/1000sf per 24hrs MVER (Moisture Vapor Emissions Rate). Concrete PH must be between 5 to 9. New concrete must be cured for a minimum of 28 days prior to installation. All wood substrates including plywood, OSB and existing hardwood must be moisture tested and read below 11%.

Maintain a room temperature between 18°C (64.4°F) and 29°C (85°F) during and after installation. Creative Options can be installed over radiant heated flooring with a maximum allowable heat of 27°C (80°F). The heating system must be in operation for at least 3 weeks prior to installation. Once installation is complete the heat can be gradually increased until it reaches the desired temperature.
Skim coat ceramic tile grout lines with a floor-leveling compound before installation.

Latex floor primer can be used over concrete and wood subfloors. Primer can provide additional bonding for approved adhesives and double faced tape.

Do Not Install Over

– Multiple layers of previous flooring
– Cushion backed resilient flooring
– Subfloor that has been adapted or contains alkali

Step 2: Getting Ready For Installation

Creative Options must be acclimated to room temperature between 18°C (64.4°F) and 29°C (85°F) for 48 hours prior to installation. To ensure best results, remove the top of the carton allowing airflow into the carton, but do not remove product from box.

Measure room to ensure the length and width of your first row of planks is within tolerance – keeping in mind the starting/ending row planks must be at least 2″ wide. If this cannot be achieved when starting with a full plank, the first row must be cut to accommodate the last row.

Planks running perpendicular to perimeter walls must be a minimum of 6″ long. It is recommended that cut planks are joined factory end to factory end with the cut side facing a perimeter wall.

Step 3: Choose Your Installation Method

Perimeter Lock Method

Suitable for residential applications (See Installation Guide below for more details). Recommended adhesives are Armstrong S-288 (permanent adhesive) or Armstrong S-310 (pressure sensitive adhesive). Double faced tape can be used in small rooms.

Full Spread Method

Suitable for all installation types. Required for commercial applications. Recommended adhesives are Armstrong S-288 (permanent adhesive) or Armstrong S-310 (pressure sensitive adhesive).

Step 4: Time to Start Installing

Tools required: Utility Knife / Straight Edge / Measuring Tape

1. Perimeter Lock Method (P.L.M.) Installation

Following the adhesive manufacturer’s application requirements, apply a 6-10″ strip of adhesive around the perimeter of the room. Place your first row on top of the adhesive ensuring the planks are tight to corner and adjoining walls.

It is highly recommended that planks be glued down when transitioning to other rooms (i.e. Doorways, Hallways). Additional adhesive should also be used in areas that are susceptible to movement, such as – near large appliances. Areas that are exposed to large amounts of direct sunlight should also be glued down.

Be creative with the preceding rows. Cut your first plank (minimum 6″) so that subsequent full planks are loose laid in a staggered formation. End joints should also be a minimum of 6″ apart. Planks can be cut by scoring the top layer or with the use of a vinyl floor cutter.

To navigate around irregular objects, trace and cut a pattern around them using heavy paper, trace the same pattern onto the plank and cut along traced lines with a utility knife.

Finish by dropping in final row of planks ensuring a tight fit has been achieved against all surrounding walls. To ensure a proper bond, the entire installation should be rolled in both directions with a 100lb roller.

2. Full Spread Method (F.S.M.) Installing

Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s installation instructions. Planks must be installed tight to perimeter walls. Planks should be staggered to achieve the best visual effect. When installing in heavy commercial traffic areas, or applications with heavy rolling loads, the entire floor must be adhered with a suitable adhesive such as Armstrong S-288.

General Care & Maintenance


Initial & Regular Maintenance

– Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove any dirt or grit.
– Use a damp mop with a neutral vinyl floor cleaning solution to clean the vinyl.
(Such as Armstrong S-485 Commercial Floor Cleaner, mixed according to manufacturer’s instructions)
– Rinse the floor with clean water to ensure all the cleaner solution and/or soil residue has been removed.


Do not scrub or wet wash the new floor for at least four days following installation to avoid causing a problem with the bond of the adhesive to the subfloor.
Do not use excessive amounts of water when cleaning the floor.
Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or coarse scrub pads which could damage the flooring surface.
A ‘no polish’ option is acceptable on Creative Options Luxury Vinyl. However for added protection in higher traffic areas, or if a higher gloss is preferred, follow the instructions below.

High Traffic Areas And / Or If Higher Gloss Preferred

Following a thorough cleaning with a neutral floor cleaner and a rinse with clean water:
– Allow the floor to dry completely.
– Apply three to five coats of a quality commercial floor polish, such as Armstrong S-480
(be sure to allow the floor to dry completely between polish applications, following the manufacturer’s instructions).
– Use regular maintenance instructions as listed above, and follow polish manufacturers instructions.

Preventative Maintenance

Avoid exposure to excess direct sunlight, which could cause movement and/or discoloration in vinyl flooring.
(Blinds/Drapes should be used in these areas.)
Felt floor protectors should be used under furniture legs to help avoid surface scratches and damage.
(Glide n’ Guard Floor Protectors should be used under all heavy appliances.)
Vacuum/Sweep the floor frequently to ensure grit and dirt are removed to avoid scratching or damaging the flooring surface.
Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar or rotary brush.
Non-staining walk-off mats should be used at entryways.
When moving heavy equipment or appliances, be certain to protect the floor by covering with hardboard or plywood panels to prevent surface damage.


Warranty Information

The manufacturer’s Limited Residential Warranty and Limited Heavy Commercial Warranty are offered to the original purchaser of the flooring material. It is non-transferable.
The floor must be installed following the recommended installation instructions and be properly maintained. Installation related issues are the responsibility of the Flooring Installer and are not covered by this warranty. Material should be inspected closely prior to installing. Flooring with visible defects should not be installed. Material with a visible defect must be returned within 30 days from the purchase date.

Warrant Inclusions

The floor will be free of manufacturing defects for the warranty period.
The floor will not wear through (the pattern is not visible in a significant area) under normal household / heavy commercial use when properly installed and maintained.
The floor will not rip or tear from normal household / heavy commercial use.
We recommend the use of floor protectors to protect the floor. Heavy rolling objects may damage the floor.
Direct sunlight through patio doors or windows can cause the floor material to heat excessively and cause the floor to lift, curl, bubble or discolour. Window coverings should be used during high sunlight / heat periods of the day. It is not a defect in the floor.
If a legitimate warranty claim is discovered within the warranty period, the manufacturer will supply replacement material of a similar colour, pattern and quality for repair of the defective area of the replacement of the floor, at its option. If the floor was professionally installed, the manufacturer will pay reasonable labour costs for direct repairs or replacement, excluding the cost of subfloor preparations, replacing moldings, moving of furniture, painting, etc. or incidental damages.

Warranty Exclusions

Surface scratching / damage caused by dirt, grit, damage caused by furniture, appliances, pets, cutting from sharp objects or improper maintenance of the floor.
Minor color and texture differences between samples / photographs and the floor purchased.
Tears, burns, scratches, stains or reduction of gloss, or discolouration from improper cleaning chemicals.
Construction damage.
Installation defects or subfloor imperfections.
Indentations from: spiked shoes, high heels, rolling loads, furniture / appliances without suitable floor protectors, failure of the subfloor.
Not for exterior use.
All incidental, consequential and special damages are not covered by the warranty. This expressly means the warranty does not cover any loss, expense or damage to anything other than the flooring. It does not cover the cost of removing or replacing; moldings, trims, fixtures, cabinets, islands, moving furniture / appliances, repairs to the subfloor and painting that may be associated with the defect of the flooring. The warranty constitutes the only express warranties for the product purchased.
The extent permitted by law and for all non-consumer product, all warranties other than our limited warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. If an implied warranty arises under provincial or state law, all implied warranties are limited to the duration of this written warranty, to the extent allowed by law.
Some jurisdictions do not allow exclusions of limitations of incidental or consequential damages or limitations on the length so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. You may have other rights which vary by jurisdiction that you should be aware of.